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Welcome to The Integrative Health Studio!


Hi, I’m Andrea and I have a deep passion for health and happiness as a certified health coach and licensed massage therapist. I offer both nutrition services and massage therapy at my studio in downtown Golden.


I’d love to be a guide in your journey to:

  • Increase your energy and stop afternoon fatigue
  • Enjoy a more uplifted and steady mood
  • Achieve weight loss goals and feel wonderful in your body
  • Improve your digestion
  • Eliminate depression and anxiety
  • Find your community and connect with like-minded individuals
  • Demystify common nutrition myths and trends
  • Replace stress with peace of mind
  • Discover the strength within you to fully achieve your dreams


For more than a decade, I suffered from deep depression and debilitating anxiety

I grew up in a Elizabeth, Colorado and was part of a (wonderful) family that took faith in the traditional Western Medicine model. My memories of childhood and adolescence consisted of being sick, visiting doctors, and being diagnosed with various illnesses. Unfortunately, some of them were misdiagnosis that greatly altered my life. At age 5 I was misdiagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and at age 8 I was misdiagnosed with a serious heart condition that took me out of activities that could raise my heart rate for prolonged periods. I sat on the sidelines reading books as my friends played sports. At age 13 I was diagnosed with depression and I started my first antidepressants.

My depression carried on for over ten years, with my lows consisting of suicidal thoughts and days where I couldn’t leave my bed. After my daughter was born in 2009, I decided I’d had enough struggle with antidepressants and I put every ounce of energy I had into going to school for nutrition, focusing on the Food-Mood connection.

After discovering the keys that were pivotal to my healing of depression and anxiety, I knew I wanted to bring more knowledge to people who were also struggling with their health – whether mental or physical. Today, I coach personal clients as well as teach classes about what nutrition can do for our minds and bodies.


The people I met along the way made all the difference

If there’s one thing I learned best, it’s that we shouldn’t go through our struggles alone. The people I met introduced me to different keys along the way ~ my acupuncturist, other health coaches, even authors of the many self-enrichment books opened my eyes to a world outside of Western Medicine that could help me find my health and happiness. I don’t hold a grudge for the doctors of the Western Medicine world – and in fact I believe that we need that medicine greatly. If I’m in a car accident I’d like to be brought to a hospital, not given healthy food. But there are times when it is widely missing the mark of what health and wellness can be for the general population.


That gap is what I’d like to fill

Health and happiness come from the inside out. Our bodies are built to support us – we have to let them! I am also a firm believer that we can have our cake and eat it, too. There are endless ways to make health food taste good these days – in fact there has never been a more fun and exciting time to learn how to cook healthy food! We don’t have to count calories. We don’t even have to limit how many times per day we eat. When you understand the chemistry of what food is doing inside your body, you’ll be able to create the body (and mind) you’ve always wanted.


You can live at your best, too

If you’ve been dealing with depression, anxiety, or physical ailments such as digestive disorders and chronic fatigue, call me for a free consultation today – I’d be happy to be a person on the way in your personal health and wellness journey.


Schedule a free nutrition consult here.



I also offer massage therapy services!

A few years into my health coaching, I decided to add massage therapy to my list of services. Massage is beneficial for eliminating depression, anxiety, and stress as well as enhancing physical performance for athletes and health-conscious individuals alike. I see many long distance runners, cyclists, and gym enthusiasts in my massage studio each week. I use a blend of Thai Yoga massage and Western massage (Swedish and/or deep tissue) to treat your muscles and get them working for you properly and effectively.


Schedule a massage appointment here.




Thank you for taking the time to read about some of my own journey. I look forward to seeing you soon!

To your health,

Andrea Holt